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Dansk Retursystem goes ”All in”

At Dansk Retursystem, you work with Everything DISC as an important part of the development of the desired culture – and must ensure both dialogues, meetings as well as feedback are done in the best way.

“Do or do not, there is no try” it came from Yoda In Star Wars, and with exactly the same focus and belief, it comes from Helle Psilander, HR Director of the Danish Return System as we talk to Helle about their development focus in the company. “We know it is a long haul and the development of people must be taken seriously, because in this way we create the biggest cultural change,” says Helle.

“Development requires a paradigm shift”

When Helle came to the Danish Return System, one of her first goals was to create an HR department you come to – whether big and small and the same goes for the whole culture of the company. There must be space and free space for everyone to talk together and challenge ideas and thoughts – and everyone needs to be heard. The next step was to develop the recruitment process and here came testing in the process. “Testing helps create awareness and thus an opportunity to put teams together even better, which ultimately creates a better flow and unity,” says Helle.

In the Danish Return System, it has been a prerequisite quite early that development requires a paradigm shift which, among other things, means that the use of development tools must not only be driven by HR, but at least as much by the rest of the organization. This meant that in 2018, the company made a decision that all directors, managers and executives should be certified in Everything DiSC to be best dressed to drive the change process and create the best conditions for the company, team and individual employees.

“Our latest employee satisfaction measurements have reached the desired goal set – even earlier than we dared to hope,” says Helle. The measurements that the Danish Return System has been made in collaboration with ennova.

“We believe that everyone should go into the development project”

“We want more. We have created a culture where everyone welcomes you, we have achieved a lot of our goals in relation to measurements, and now our focus is collaboration across. One of the best tools for ensuring good relationships, thus good collaboration, is the development of feedback culture. We are doing this through internal feedback courses. With these courses we want to create an even stronger feedback culture, and again with a base from DiSC. We do both talk about which “profile” just came to light in the existing dialogue / conflict, but we also train the employees to better adapt their feedback to the individual – and the individual’s DiSC profile. On the courses we work with feedback training, everyone from home must have prepared themselves for what profile they have particularly difficult to give feedback and in what situations. Everyone is given the opportunity to test their own abilities in relation to giving feedback, and then they are given feedback on their own abilities by their colleagues, thus creating a magical space where reflection and development together produce better results. The colleagues who look at typically provide feedback on how to handle the profile with a focus on pace adjustment, attentiveness, listening, body language, voice acting, etc. ”Helle explains.

“We believe that everyone has to go into the development project and that it is people who run the work – therefore motivation, joy and learning are an important part of our daily lives,” says Helle Psilander, HR Director in Dansk Retursystem.

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