When working within HR it can be difficult to find the right tool – Contact DISCNordic for quick advice and guidance.

+45 3131 1616

Oldenburg Alle 7, st.
2630 Taastrup

Availability: The DISCnordic team is ready to help you, and we know that fast and effective support is important to you. You can contact us by phone:

Monday to Thursday 9-16
Friday 9-15

We look forward to advising you on your new DISC tool. You can read more about the DISCnordic team here.


Skilled employees with expert knowledge

If you have a million questions about HR tools like the Everything DiSC® profile, The Five Behaviors ™, AdaptGRT or 15FQ + or are you unsure which type of certification will best meet your needs, you can always find good advice from our competent and highly engaged employees. Be it behavioral profiles, personality analysis, recruitment tools and more. then we can help you get started.

Read more about the various tools here or contact us.

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