An attractive and exciting way to learn. Strengthen your skills and have fun at the same time.


DISCteamplayer is a learning game for everyone. The game focuses on everyday issues, collaboration and then it helps transform DISC theory into practice. You become clearer about what you are good at and where you can get better as a team. The game focuses on team dynamics, differences and understanding of what drives D, I, S and C profiles: It’s easy to go for.

DISCteamplayer is also created for anyone who wants to work with situation-based management. For managers, the game is particularly well-suited for creating a greater understanding of the situations you can face and the consequences of the decisions that are made.

For employees, the game creates a great deal of focus on motivation and collaboration, as well as why leadership can be difficult. It gives rise to understanding or meaning of why some decisions are made, despite the fact that not everyone in a team understands or agrees with it.


The game costs DKK 7,500 ex. VAT and shipping and available in English and Danish.

Workshops with the game cost 10,000 DKK ex. VAT as base price plus 300 DKK ex. VAT per person

You can go right to it

There are maps from learning to practice. The game creates a realistic simulated environment where you must try your hand with, for example, layoffs, personnel matters and a demanding boss while introducing you to the DISC profiles.

As participants, you will have the opportunity to test your skills as leaders and / or preferences as employees while learning in collaboration with each other.
The game is ideal for personal development and as an inspiring and fun kick-in for everyday life. A great opportunity to create a stronger bond in your team and to focus on job satisfaction and job satisfaction.

In the game, you are exposed to challenges that you will be able to experience in your daily life as both manager and employee. The task is therefore also to motivate the individual employee and to give all employees the feeling of being involved and being recognized.

We recommend that you set aside 2-2.5 hours for the game and are between 4 and 6 on each “plate”. If you have more than 6 people who want to play the game, there is no problem, here you just use more games on several tables and you can continue to play at the same time and during the game stop a joint dialogue about the challenges and successes – we also facilitate Gladly. You can easily have more than 100 players.

More information:

Your task is defined in advance and you play together against the game, where as a new boss you are given a task in developing your department. You will face a harmonious group and you must make sure that the team work better together and produce strong results. In the game there will be unforeseen obstacles that will be needed for the exchange of experience and ideas. You do not need to know about DISC within the playing game.

Contact us to buy the game or if you want us to facilitate a fun and educational workshop with the game for 2-2.5 hours.

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DISCtilbagemelding (inkl. engelske kort)

DISCtilbagemelding – dansk (inkl. engelske kort)

DISCtilbagemelding er et formidabelt værktøj som du kan bruge ved tilbagemeldingen.

Kittet indeholder:

  • plade med tempo- og fokus akse
  • kort med akseord
  • kort med de fire DiSC-stile
  • to brikker (som kan bruges til at diskutere adfærd ud fra)

Pladen er produceret i et materiale så den kan benyttes som musemåtte (og pudseklud)

PRIS: 150,- kr. pr. stk.

DISCdialog - engelsk

DISCdialog spillet – engelsk

DISCdialog kan benyttes på mange måder, og man kan nemt lave sine egne øvelser til dialog spillet. Sættet indeholder 80 kort med forskellige ord (20 ord pr. DISC stil).

DISCdialog indeholder 5 øvelser, som hver især har fokus på forskellige situationer:

  • Tillids-øvelsen
    • Bruges til at opbygge sårbarhedsbaseret tillid i et team eller en gruppe
  • Anerkendende feedback-øvelsen
    • Hjælper med at sætte fokus på værdien og vigtigheden af ros og anerkendelse
  • Rules of Engagement-øvelsen
    • Bruges til at opbygge et sæt regler, for hvordan vi indgår i konflikt med hinanden
  • Præsentations-øvelsen
    • Denne øvelse kan bruges som en alternativ præsentationsrunde
  • Rekrutterings-øvelsen
    • Øvelsen kan hjælpe med at starte dialogen til en rekrutteringssamtale. Den kan samtidigt bruges til at vurdere kandidatens selvindsigtsniveau

Hver øvelse er udførligt beskrevet med situation, fremgangsmåde og tips til øvelsen.

DISCdialog spillet findes på både dansk og engelsk.

PRIS: 400,- kr. pr. stk.

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