DISCnordic is an authorized Everything DiSC® partner, offering HR-based solutions such as Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team ™ and more. We are a team of competent and committed colleagues and we are passionate about creating better jobs and results in collaboration with our customers.


Our solutions are validated and thoroughly tested, and our tools are designed to create better relationships and achieve better results in all organizations and at all levels.

We work with a wide range of primarily Danish business, from C20 companies to small companies in both the private and public sectors. Our solutions are used in areas such as leadership development, team collaboration, coaching, recruitment, sales training and personal development.

We believe that close collaboration, training and continuous support and sparring are the best way to ensure that the tools create value in our clients’ organizations, regardless of sector, size and specialty.


Here you can find DISCnordic’s vacancies.

All vacancies will be posted on our LinkedIn page, we encourage you to follow here.

Patrick Sackner

Patrick Sackner Christensen

Head of Sales

+45 6020 9335

Patrick is a strategic and commercial profile with a flair for business development and he has run many different developing programs, educated and created education over the past 10 years, in both small Danish companies and large international companies. Patrick has worked with DISC for many years and also has extensive experience as a manager at several levels and areas.

Patrick has a background as an elite swimmer and elite trainer, patrolman in the Home Guard and has a number of programs including a Master in Professional Communication, Diploma in Management and a Diploma Trainer education

Patrick is certified in DISC, NLP, Body Language, Business and Sports Coaching.

Janni - DISCnordic

Janni Ellegaard Andersen

Customer support

+45 3131 1616

Janni is DISCnordic’s Administrative Employee who supports clients as well as colleagues.

She has 20 years of administrative experience from various industries including coursework and concert activities. as a course and production coordinator has experience with good planning and dedicated service so that everyone feels heard and treated well.

Janni is a trained office assistant, and in 2014 completed a Merkonom with, among other things. the subjects HR and project management.

Michael Drejer

Michael Giroux-Drejer

Teaching & Counseling

+45 2420 0220

Michael has worked with DISC tools since 2000, in both Danish and international companies. Here he has used the tools both as manager and consultant.

As a senior consultant at DISCOVER, he has certified hundreds of consultants and HR professionals, including DISC and AdaptGRT. In 2015, Michael was instrumental in bringing the team tool “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” to Denmark. Michael has extensive experience with the use of our tools in, among other things, leadership development and diagnosis of dysfunctional teams and with the implementation of tailor-made solutions for our clients.

Michael is a Bachelor of Business Education.

Mette Boje - Udviklingschef

Mette Babitzkow Boje

Development Manager

+45 3131 1616

For the past 21 years, Mette has been involved in personality tests in both Danish and international companies.

In previous jobs, Mette has worked as a product manager on several different types of tools and is an experienced teacher, consultant and coach.

In DISCnordic, Mette is particularly concerned with the development of the test toolbox. Currently, the five-factor personality test 15FQ + has just arrived in Denmark. In addition, she teaches Everything DISC, Adapt and 15 FQ +.

Mette is educated in London and holds an MSc in Occupational Psychology.

Jannik - Partner - Undervisning & Rådgivning - DISCnordic

Jannik Jensen


+45 3131 1616

As chief consultant at DISCOVER, Jannik has certified hundreds of HR Professionals in DISC, AdaptGRT and Personal Efficiency. He has worked with DISC at all levels of the DISC value chain, from end-user and manager, to consultant and international business developer for Wiley, who owns the tools. 

Jannik has been responsible for the development of a number of DISC-based concepts, and has worked with DISC since 2001. He has also been responsible for certifying international partners in “The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team”.

Jannik is a trained officer in the Army and also has a HD in Management and Organization.

Tina Andersen

Tina Nystrup Andersen

Administration & Customer Support

+45 3131 1616

Tina has a past as Head of Administration and Project Coordinator in various companies and industries, and she is DISCnordic’s administrative anchor.

Among other things, she has worked as an administrative coordinator and account manager for DISCOVER, which has given her a great deal of insight into technical support and problem solving, when using our tools. Tina is therefore the natural link between DISCnordic and our customers, in relation to daily support and finances.

Tina is a trained office assistant and of course Everything DiSC © certified.

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DISCtilbagemelding (inkl. engelske kort)

DISCtilbagemelding – dansk (inkl. engelske kort)

DISCtilbagemelding er et formidabelt værktøj som du kan bruge ved tilbagemeldingen.

Kittet indeholder:

  • plade med tempo- og fokus akse
  • kort med akseord
  • kort med de fire DiSC-stile
  • to brikker (som kan bruges til at diskutere adfærd ud fra)

Pladen er produceret i et materiale så den kan benyttes som musemåtte (og pudseklud)

PRIS: 150,- kr. pr. stk.

DISCdialog - engelsk

DISCdialog spillet – engelsk

DISCdialog kan benyttes på mange måder, og man kan nemt lave sine egne øvelser til dialog spillet. Sættet indeholder 80 kort med forskellige ord (20 ord pr. DISC stil).

DISCdialog indeholder 5 øvelser, som hver især har fokus på forskellige situationer:

  • Tillids-øvelsen
    • Bruges til at opbygge sårbarhedsbaseret tillid i et team eller en gruppe
  • Anerkendende feedback-øvelsen
    • Hjælper med at sætte fokus på værdien og vigtigheden af ros og anerkendelse
  • Rules of Engagement-øvelsen
    • Bruges til at opbygge et sæt regler, for hvordan vi indgår i konflikt med hinanden
  • Præsentations-øvelsen
    • Denne øvelse kan bruges som en alternativ præsentationsrunde
  • Rekrutterings-øvelsen
    • Øvelsen kan hjælpe med at starte dialogen til en rekrutteringssamtale. Den kan samtidigt bruges til at vurdere kandidatens selvindsigtsniveau

Hver øvelse er udførligt beskrevet med situation, fremgangsmåde og tips til øvelsen.

DISCdialog spillet findes på både dansk og engelsk.

PRIS: 400,- kr. pr. stk.

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