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We develop and teach our employees via games

At 3F, it is important to develop the managers and employees to deal with the daily challenges that may arise in the workplace. For the development 3F are today among other things using DISCteamplayers in the leadership development for exactly that.

We have talked to Tim Callesen, education consultant and facilitator at 3F and Merete Jensen, team leader for URO at 3F and responsible for the development area. An element of 3F’s vision and competency strategy is to develop and create skilled and professional departments, and talented and happy employees.

“It is important for us to create educational courses that support our competence strategy,” explains Merete Jensen

Merete and Tim bought the DISCteamplayer game at DISCnordic and tested it on a group of colleagues. Here they quickly found that the game was easy to use and that the story of the game could almost have been authored by 3F’s own people, as it was incredibly real.

After the group had played DISC teamplayer, Tim and Merete chosed to include the game as part of the leadership training course for departmental leaders.

DISCteamplayer was played the evening before the course started. This meant that discussions about choices and decisions needed to be made were well underway.

“There was an element of competition and people related to the employees in the game, which gave a couple of exciting hours and a good start to the course,” says Tim Callesen.

DISC teamplayers set the framework for discussions and dialogues the following two days on the course, and it worked really well that the practical came before the theoretical, says both Merete and Tim.

The game created a great commitment, which made it easy to facilitate. At the same time, it provided an opportunity for the facilitator to get around to the groups and observe and gather good knowledge before the next days of teaching.

“For us, it’s always about finding the best solutions that can create the right framework for our departmental management and our employees, as well as help support our competency strategy,” says Merete Jensen.

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