15FQ + is a Five-Factor personality test used for leadership and employee development, recruitment, on-boarding and repositioning.

It provides an in-depth assessment of strengths and development needs, as well as a nuanced insight into a person’s typical way of interacting with others.

In addition, 15FQ + also allows you to compare a specific job with a candidate, giving you concrete data on similarities and variances between job and candidate.


What is 15FQ+

15FQ + is a personality test that measures the basic building blocks of personality. This is done on the basis of the Five-Factor model, which over the past approx. 80 years of research has proven to be the most well-documented model for describing personality. The five factors are elaborated with additional factors to work on a total of 16 different aspects of personality, providing a nuanced and in-depth insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that can be constructive or destructive to your organization.

The special feature of 15FQ + is that the research tool is modern and permeates the reports with many useful perspectives. At the same time, 15FQ + is easy to answer, not time-consuming to implement and contains five different, well-described reports that provide good support for the subsequent dialogue and possibly. assessment of the respondent.

It is possible to combine 15FQ + with DISCnordic’s cognitive test AdaptGRT. The combination of personality tests and cognitive assessment increases the accuracy of the recruitment process.

The advantages with a big-five test tool

15FQ + is used for both recruitment and development. The personality test provides an in-depth assessment of strengths and developmental needs and is related to a person’s typical:

  • Interpersonal style (ie how the person enters into relationships with others)
  • Thinking and decision style (how the person solves problems and thinks about the tasks)
  • Coping style (how to handle the person stress and pressure in the workplace.

The reports contain both graphic illustrations of the result and nuanced, descriptive texts. In addition, you get suggestions on how to further uncover the person’s results, which helps you to make sure you use all the information uncovered in the tool.

With 15FQ+ you get:

1. A technically sound tool that is validated to the highest English standards and which gives you a correct result every time. You can trust the hypotheses generated in the reports and you will soon have an in-depth and current dialogue with the respondent.

2. Simple and intuitive questionnaire, which only takes between 20 – 25 minutes. to fill, which means the respondent can answer the test easily and quickly as well as that the test can accommodate multiple audiences.

3. Nuanced and in-depth information, but still presented in a clear way, gives you the opportunity to work a shovel deeper, while still maintaining a fluid and relevant dialogue.

4. Access to five different reports as a recycler and describe the questionnaire in many different contexts. You can choose on and off yourself and get the information you need depending on the situation.

5. All reports are written in a friendly and descriptive language. They are designed to be clear and useful in bringing the information into play during a conversation. This means that with the 15FQ + reports you are well prepared for each conversation without spending too much time preparing.

Certification in 15FQ+

15FQ + can be widely used in your organization and is particularly suitable for recruitment, on-boarding of new employees and development (managers, talents, key employees). In a recruitment process, the value is increased by combining 15FQ + with DISCnordic’s cognitive tool AdaptGRT. The combination of both personality and cognitive abilities increases the safety side of whether the person has both the right personal qualities but also the ability to perform the tasks at the level of complexity needed.

Read more about the certification here.

The different 15FQ + reports

A 15FQ + certification from DISCnordic gives you access to 5 different reports. The reports all take into account the factors of 15FQ + and their statistical correlations with other well-documented theories and tools. Among other things, John Holland’s career typology, Bass’s Leadership styles, Belbin’s team roles, Bar-On’s Emotional Intelligence, and Theodore Milton’s work on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

All reports can be combined and play together. The purpose is decisive for which reports are best suited for the individual situation.

These two reports contain the main findings in 15FQ +. The Extended Report is written for the certified and contains the following:

Nuanced descriptions of the person’s interpersonal style, thinking style and coping style. In addition, there is information regarding. person:

  • Team Roles
  • Management style
  • Employee Style
  • Influence Style
  • Career Themes

The report provides a wealth of relevant information that can be used in both recruitment and development contexts.

The report also contains specific pointers on strengths and development needs, which are used for further clarification.

The Feedback Report is a summary of the main points of the Extended Report and is written to the respondent in a neutral language. Therefore, this can be handed over to the respondent after the interview.

The report “Ideal Job Profile” gives a very clear picture of what the “ideal” candidate can look like in relation to the specific job.

In addition, the report includes a gap analysis which clarifies similarities and differences.

Relevant questions are asked that are appropriate to address in relation to the different gaps in the profile.

Ideal Job Profile The report is made with a view to getting help and guidance on what is particularly important to investigate in the interview with the candidate.

Ideal The job profile is only a guideline and not a fact of the right candidate.

The Emotional Intelligence (EI) report is in line with Daniel Goleman’s work, in which EI is described as competencies divided into two domains – the personal (self) and interpersonal (in relation to others).

These are again split into two:

  • Personal domain (self-awareness and self-management)
  • Interpersonal domain (social awareness and relationship management)

The report contains descriptions of the person’s emotional level of competence, as well as how this is typically expressed in group work and communication.

Since the report can be used for both recruitment and development, at the end of the report you find input into a development plan that you as a manager and employee can collaborate on.

The Counter-Productive Behavior report is used in both recruitment and development. The report describes the 15FQ + result in the form of 12 different dysfunctional behavior patterns which, if present, can be a major challenge for an organization.

We call them productive, others call them “Derailors”.

The report is based on the groundbreaking work of Theodore Millon, which deals with dysfunctional personality types.

The report shows the risk level for all behavior patterns and gives you specific help questions so you can easily put the information into play in the recruitment interview.


The AdaptGRT report is exclusively for you who are Certified.

AdaptGRT is an add-on to your personality test.

AdaptGRT measures the candidate’s ability to problem-solve and abstraction. The report describes how the candidate has performed in relation to:

  • Verbal abilities
  • Numerical abilities
  • Abstraction Abilities

The AdaptGRT report is best used with 15FQ + or other recruitment tests and in a position where a level of complexity is needed.

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DISCtilbagemelding (inkl. engelske kort)

DISCtilbagemelding – dansk (inkl. engelske kort)

DISCtilbagemelding er et formidabelt værktøj som du kan bruge ved tilbagemeldingen.

Kittet indeholder:

  • plade med tempo- og fokus akse
  • kort med akseord
  • kort med de fire DiSC-stile
  • to brikker (som kan bruges til at diskutere adfærd ud fra)

Pladen er produceret i et materiale så den kan benyttes som musemåtte (og pudseklud)

PRIS: 150,- kr. pr. stk.

DISCdialog - engelsk

DISCdialog spillet – engelsk

DISCdialog kan benyttes på mange måder, og man kan nemt lave sine egne øvelser til dialog spillet. Sættet indeholder 80 kort med forskellige ord (20 ord pr. DISC stil).

DISCdialog indeholder 5 øvelser, som hver især har fokus på forskellige situationer:

  • Tillids-øvelsen
    • Bruges til at opbygge sårbarhedsbaseret tillid i et team eller en gruppe
  • Anerkendende feedback-øvelsen
    • Hjælper med at sætte fokus på værdien og vigtigheden af ros og anerkendelse
  • Rules of Engagement-øvelsen
    • Bruges til at opbygge et sæt regler, for hvordan vi indgår i konflikt med hinanden
  • Præsentations-øvelsen
    • Denne øvelse kan bruges som en alternativ præsentationsrunde
  • Rekrutterings-øvelsen
    • Øvelsen kan hjælpe med at starte dialogen til en rekrutteringssamtale. Den kan samtidigt bruges til at vurdere kandidatens selvindsigtsniveau

Hver øvelse er udførligt beskrevet med situation, fremgangsmåde og tips til øvelsen.

DISCdialog spillet findes på både dansk og engelsk.

PRIS: 400,- kr. pr. stk.

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